Posted on: March 15, 2011 10:44 pm

Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition

As it is now a days alot of people just cannot stand watching sports, some of whom loved sports when they were little. Some people say they just grew out of the love for the game. Some claim they just don't have time to follow sports anymore, but most when it comes down to it would sit down and enjoy a game or two.

I believe the catalyst to getting people to watch games is beer; because with beer in ones system their nerves are numbed enough too sit down an watch a game. You must realize that deep down almost everyone can appreciate sports in some manner but most get turned off because of many reasons. Most of which I believe is frustration with plays, calls, or other things pertaining to the game which they might not understand.

I say it all has to do with foul calls myself or in some cases lack thereof foul calls. So using this NBA season and some other games throught the NCAA this season as examples. So what are the referees thinking or the NBA an NCAA for that matter. I mean for example the NCAA is a TAX EXEMPT organization who recieves tax dollars through state universities in order to setup a supposed fair system for schools too put their teams in and compete. We know they must be getting billions of dollars that can be wasted and probably are in some way.

So my question is do you think that something can be done to improve the officiating or is it fine how it is?
Also should we promote the idea that we should do away with private pseudo bureaucratic sports organizations or just establish new ones?
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