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Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition

Posted on: March 15, 2011 10:44 pm
As it is now a days alot of people just cannot stand watching sports, some of whom loved sports when they were little. Some people say they just grew out of the love for the game. Some claim they just don't have time to follow sports anymore, but most when it comes down to it would sit down and enjoy a game or two.

I believe the catalyst to getting people to watch games is beer; because with beer in ones system their nerves are numbed enough too sit down an watch a game. You must realize that deep down almost everyone can appreciate sports in some manner but most get turned off because of many reasons. Most of which I believe is frustration with plays, calls, or other things pertaining to the game which they might not understand.

I say it all has to do with foul calls myself or in some cases lack thereof foul calls. So using this NBA season and some other games throught the NCAA this season as examples. So what are the referees thinking or the NBA an NCAA for that matter. I mean for example the NCAA is a TAX EXEMPT organization who recieves tax dollars through state universities in order to setup a supposed fair system for schools too put their teams in and compete. We know they must be getting billions of dollars that can be wasted and probably are in some way.

So my question is do you think that something can be done to improve the officiating or is it fine how it is?
Also should we promote the idea that we should do away with private pseudo bureaucratic sports organizations or just establish new ones?

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 7:39 pm

Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition


"In response to that common sense comment that 99% of the average american would make, and does make, which is why it isnt changed yet."

I'm not so sure fans control the game as much as the owners (NBA) and coaches (NCAA).  Considering the huge $'s involved for both, their goal isn't so much to get it right as it is to maintain an entertaining sport, which I think they've accomplished.

I can't argue that fouls are called fairly and agree that what makes one play a foul and another a non-foul is subjective at best.  It seems the real goal for officials lay between allowing total mayhem and calling games so tightly that the result would be a product that is ugly and dissatisfying to watch.  And from that aspect I think it does work.  When I think back through the years it isn't the blown calls I remember most, it's the great team efforts and individual play that stand out in my mind more than anything else.

Officiating is clearly a compromise at best and will always leave some fans dissatisfied, even if it were to be 100% accurate. 

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 2:11 pm

Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition

In response to that common sense comment that 99% of the average american would make, and does make, which is why it isnt changed yet.

How can you call games evenly, you cannot, I watch referees call touch fouls on one end, and then on the other a player will get clobbered inside and no call will even be made. It all has to do with game situation and timing, and if the referees personal opinions think the plays warrant a call,

we need to be consistent, if were going to call fouls, lets call every single foul, if you touch a player no matter of heavy or light, its a foul

every time, if you touch, foul, instantly, touch, foul. Unless this happens, its going to continue to be a referees personal decision of when or when not a foul gets called, listen.

This has nothing to do with my team, it has to do with college basketball,

This whole NCAA tournament I have sit back and watched referees control games at their own discresion.

There has to be new rules implemented in the way games are called, with like a coach having instant replay calls like coaches in the NFL do, if you lose one, you lose a timeout, im not sure, who knows what needs to be done, regardless

I have been a fan of college basketball my whole life, and the fan in me will live forever, but the officiating is killing my spirit more and more each game I watch, no matter who is playing.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 1:54 am

Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition

Usually fans that complain most about officiating are on the losing end; winners rarely complain.

Having to play against the Celtics in the old Boston Garden with the loose floor boards, playing against the Nuggets at Mile-High, slipping on the wet spot (we're talking basketball here, not bedroom sports), and players that miss 2 ft. lay-ups are all part of the game.  So is officiating.

I've always held the belief that great players and teams overcome bad officiating.  I'm for adding technology wherever prudent, and would love to see baseball get rid of the home plate umpire calling balls and strikes in favor of a precise systems that can do so much more accurately, but some calls just can't be made by a machine.  Stopping the game every 30 seconds to examine endless streams of video would be a vast mistake in my book.  Keep the games rolling, one call (or several for that matter) don't decide the outcome of a game where there are 80-100 offensive possessions per team.  Play on, stop crying, and if you're a fan that's on the losing end, toughen up a little.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 1:35 am

Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition

Even though I believe this is a topic that doesnt get near enough attention and is always overlooked, I will keep it short and simple, because lets face it, it has never been addressed and it will never be addressed, however

NCAA sports, college basketball specifically is not a fair game do to officiating, yeah yeah, we all say the referees do the best they can, and there is always human error, that is exactly the point, and it is also the reason this subject will never get addressed.

There MUST be instant replays added to college basketball , until then the refs will continue to control games, and for the most part pre determine winners, except for those special teams that are so good where the officiating just doesnt even come into play,  but, the refs can slow down the pace of a game, they can change everything about a game, everything

something has to be done,

I am not a drinker, but if I was going to drink again like I did in my younger days, this would most definately be my reason, the game has become a

'I wonder how the referees are gonna call this one?'

type of atmosphere, it has taken the fun out of the game

on a side note.

Charles Barkley is the biggest opinionated shrek donkey ogre looking asshole in the history of CBS commentators.

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Posted on: March 15, 2011 11:44 pm

Sports and The Relentless Pursuit For Competition

I think there are a bunch of sports fans, who do enjoy sucking down a beer or two during a sporting event, that may take exception to your smooth talking stupidity.  I'm guessing you don't have a girl friend, and that your sphincter is a little to tight for the real world.  I suggest that you pull down your pants and slide on the ice!  Maybe find a friend, have a beer, and enjoy a game might be the ticket for you!  I'm guessing you were voted "most likely to bore others" in high school.  I relly feel bad for people who have to live there lives like your kind.  I'm sorry!

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